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Backgammon Strategy

If you want to learn the skills of Backgammon play from the beginner's strategies to the advanced techniques used by professional players then you can find it all here.

Backgammon is a deceptively easy game to learn but an incredibly difficult game to master.  There is an element of luck involving the resulting values you roll with the dice, but the choices and decisions a player makes on how to move their markers results in the more skilful player winning over less competent players in the long run.

Once you start to understand the strategy and tactics involved in Backgammon you'll see the game in a whole new light.  The possibilities of game strategy will open your eyes as to why the game is so popular.

If you're new to Backgammon then the first thing you should learn is the three different types of gameplay you can choose in a game.  Try the link below for an explanation of these three styles and start to become a skilled and proficient Backgammon player.

If you want to improve as a player it is essential that you practice and learn from experience.  To speed up the learning process here are a number of tips on Backgammon play for the intermediate level player.  Think about the advice given and try and understand the strategies involved.  If you want to get actual game playing experience then try one of the many Backgammon websites offering gaming rooms where you can play different opponents and put your skills into practice.  These websites are perfectly safe and allow you to play for free and without having to gamble with any real money.  Maybe once you've gained confidence in your ability you may decide to play for cash but it isn't necessary to get the many hours of practice you need to master the game.

It takes many years of playing to truly master the game.  If you feel you're ready for the advanced strategies of Backgammon play then try the link below for descriptions and explanations of the masters' winning techniques. Remember to truly study and analyze the tactics involved if you want to reach the next level of proficiency in playing Backgammon.

  • Advanced Backgammon Strategies


If you feel you've mastered the game enough to call yourself a relative expert then its time to put your skills to the test in a tournament or online playing for cash.  For more details, see the Backgammon gambling section for advice and instructions on how to go about it.


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