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Backgammon Sets

Here you can learn about the range of Backgammon sets available to buy, from the most expensive luxury sets to the cheapest boards.

Backgammon sets are manufactured in a wide range of different materials. Boards made of wood will make a lot of noise when dice are rolled and checkers moved and some players find this distracting and annoying. To avoid the problem of excessive noise, manufacturers have produced boards made of different materials, like leather, felt and cork. Some players feel the dice roll better on these materials, too.

Checkers may be produced in a wide range of different materials, as well. There are checkers made from cheap plastic, wood, real stone, marble and other minerals, to ivory. Bakelite was a type of plastic produced in the 1950s and used in the manufacture of Backgammon checkers. Some players prefer the feel of Bakelite, and old Bakelite Backgammon sets are very collectable.

The price of a new Backgammon set ranges from just a few pounds/dollars/euros to many hundreds.

Backgammon sets also come in a range of different sizes. The term "tournament" size is often used when describing Backgammon sets, but there isn't really an official definition of what that specific size is. The term should be taken to mean "big" or "large" sets generally over 18-inches by 21-inches. Tournament checkers should be of a corresponding large size, ranging from 1.5-inches to 2-inches in diameter. Some players feel that smaller checkers aren't as visually clear or manually easy to manoeuvre.

Travel Backgammon Sets

Many Backgammon sets come as a travel case that is hinged down the middle and folds in half with a handle attached, sometimes described as an attaché case.  These are great to take out or travel with and easy to store away.

Table-Top Backgammon Sets

Unlike travel or attaché Backgammon sets, table-top sets have boards that don't fold in half. These sets aren't as convenient to carry or transport. Often made of wood, they are best used for home play.

Luxury Backgammon Sets

Deluxe Backgammon sets are made of expensive materials like leather or hardwood with checkers possibly made of marble or some other expensive, hard, durable material. Cork boards are seen as desirable because they reduce the noise of rolling the dice and general gameplay.  The US manufacturer Crisloid are generally accepted as the professional's maker of choice when it comes to Backgammon sets. Crisloid was founded in 1948 in Brooklyn, USA, by two Backgammon enthusiasts who specialised in making quality, handmade gaming equipment.

Cheap Standard Sets

The cheapest Backgammon sets come boxed with a hard cardboard board and plastic or cheap wood checkers.  These are perfectly good for playing a friendly game of Backgammon, offering a functional but cheap way to play.


Many Backgammon sets come complete with throwing cups. If they don't, then they can be bought as extra accessories, along with specially made precision dice and other related items. Try the link below for more details on the extra items available for gameplay:

For a list of online Backgammon retailers selling sets available to order, try backgammon-play's retailers' links page...



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