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Intermediate Backgammon Strategy

Here is some useful advice for a player who has mastered the basics and wants to raise their game to the next level.

Learning the skills involved in Backgammon takes a lot of practice over quite some time.  Once you've learnt the three basic game playing strategies then you can begin to improve your game by learning some slightly more advanced tips on gameplay.  The following tips are general guidelines for you to consider in common game situations.  Try and understand the logic and principles behind them so you can truly implement them into your game strategy.


Backgammon Intermediate Playing Tips

  • When already way behind in the race it may actually be better to fall even further behind.  Your timing and play may be better if you were to be hit again to improve your back-game or prevent crunching your board. .
  • Once your opponent makes an advanced anchor it becomes even more important to make one yourself.  Your opponent can make moves that will really put you on the defensive.
  • If you are ahead in a race, then race!  Break contact when ahead and rely on your advantage.
  • If you have an opportunity to hit and are unsure, then hit.  Hitting should take priority in most plays especially in your opponents side of the board when it makes an even greater difference in the race.
  • If you are behind in a race and waiting for a shot, build and slot the points in order in your home-board.
  • Early in the game, fight for your 4-poiints and 5-points on both sides of the board.
  • Consider each position as a new one, not as the overall game play, especially with big swings in you and your opponents advantage.
  • If you can choose between hitting a checker on your opponent's side of the board or making a point on your own side of the board, it is usually better to hit.
  • Your 7-point is valuable but given a choice it is more advantageous to make your 5-point or 4-point.
  • 6's are best played on your opponent's side of the board. It is better to make an escape or try for an anchor than to risk getting hit on your side of the board.
  •  When bearing off, use all your dice values to take markers off rather than smoothing your distribution of markers by filling empty points.
  • If you are only 2 points away, then try for the un-doubled gammon rather than turning the cube early.


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