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Backgammon Collecting

Backgammon can become a passion, and an obsessive player may find themselves so immersed in the game that they find themselves collecting Backgammon sets and related items.  Here is some basic advice if you want to collect, from antique and vintage sets to modern ones.

There are a wide range of Backgammon sets and accessories available to a collector.  But before you spend your money on any of these you should get some basic advice on what kind of thing you should buy.  A collector should learn about Backgammon history and the types of sets available so they can make an educated decision on what to buy.

Of course, when purchasing a Backgammon set you want to make sure it's complete with all its pieces.  The condition of the set will also effect its value.  Check for scratches and chips and dents to the board and markers.

Antique or Vintage Backgammon Sets

You can often tell which period a Backgammon set comes from by the materials it is made from.  English sets from the 1800s were usually made from leather with bone markers.  Inlaid wood was popular during this period too.

Antique Backgammon boards were usually made from wood and so are quite heavy.  Because the game was predominately played by the wealthy upper class, antique Backgammon boards are often ornate and highly decorative.

It is a good idea to deal with specialist dealers in antique games.  Specialists are able to identify exactly how authentic a set is and will be able to distinguish a genuine antique from a reproduction.  There are plenty of unscrupulous people who will try and pass off fake sets as real.  Try and get a certificate of authenticity with your purchase.  Auction houses will have specialists in a range off fields and will have seen a lot of antique Backgammon sets pass through their auction rooms.  It's a good idea to get a number of appraisals, if possible, on a particular set to help you decide whether to buy or not.

Many museums are interested in antique Backgammon sets with the Metropolitan Museum in New York holding one of the best collections including 12th-century and mechanical 18th-century sets from Germany.

Antique Backgammon sets were often made as pieces of furniture in their own right and were designed to be played and put on show which is something that still holds true to this day.

19th-century Chinese Backgammon sets were also made as pieces of furniture.  Highly decorative tables decorated with carved lion heads and Chinese paintings around their sides were manufactured by some of the best craftsman in China for the wealthy and ruling class.  They were often made from black lacquer with a chessboard on the outside and a Backgammon board on the inside.

Modern Backgammon Sets

Contemporary Backgammon sets can be made to a very high standard of quality and are a cheaper way of collecting than antique or vintage sets.  Quality boards with markers made of marble are available to an enthusiast.  For the less expensive way to collect you can find allsorts of cheaper Backgammon sets ranging from travel sets to cheap board sets with plastic markers.

If you want to look and buy Backgammon sets online then try the links below which list a wide range of specialist Backgammon retailers.


For allsorts of modern Backgammon sets you can try...

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