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Backgammon Game

Whether you just want to learn Backgammon from scratch and play a friendly game or you know how to play but need reminding about the rules, you can find everything you need to know about Backgammon gameplay here.

Don't be put off Backgammon because you think it's too complex a game, the basic rules are quite simple and will soon become intuitive to you once you've played a few games.


If You're a Beginner...

If you're new to Backgammon and just want to learn the basic rules to playing the game, then try the link below for a simple and helpful explanation.

To help make sure your game playing experience is a fun and pleasant one for all involved it is a good idea to follow a certain player's protocol or etiquette when playing.  For some good advice on a player's conduct that is often expected by your opponent, try Backgammon Etiquette for details.


If You Know the Basics...

If you know the basic rules of Backgammon play but don't know about Gammons etc. then try the link below for some more advanced rules on play.

There is a standard procedure accepted for the playing actions in a game of Backgammon.  To learn the procedural rules, try the link below.

Backgammon games are sometimes recorded for analysis and to illustrate the tactics and gameplay. To learn about the standard notation system used for recording games, try the link below.


If You're an Advanced Player...

If you play Backgammon seriously then you may still need to learn some rules on special exceptions which can occur in a game.  For more details on these you can try the link below.

  • Backgammon Exception Rules










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