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Computer Backgammon History

Recent Backgammon history has seen the advent of computers used for playing and analysing games.  You can learn about the most recent developments in Backgammon playing, here.

IBM's Gerald Tesauro wrote a computer program that could teach itself how to play Backgammon utilising something called "Neural Networking" which created a formidable player in TD Gammon in about 1990.  In 1993 the First Internet Backgammon Server (FIBS) was created by Audreas Shneider hosted on a university server in Sweden.  It had over one-hundred players playing at any time and had the ability to save games, watch games and rate players on ability.

Frederic Dahl, a Norwegian, developed the first commercial neural net Backgaammon software called Jellyfish which assigned equity values to any possible board position or roll-out position and allowed advanced analysis for the first time.  A more commercial and popular Backgammon software package called Snowie was developed by Olivier Egger.  It allowed users to import games and analyse them with a user friendly interface and became the standard Backgammon software for a long time.  GNU Backgammon superseded Snowie due to the fact that it is "open source", allowing programmers to update and improve it.  It is also free to download.

Backgammon websites have since sprung up across the internet allowing players to message and discuss the game with each other online.  These offer a good way to join Backgammon communities and learn more about the game.

Today, there are many Backgammon playing sites on the internet that allow games to be played by live human opponents against each other.  They allow players to wager money on a game or just play for fun.  They are a great way to enjoy Backgammon and attract 100,000s of players from all over the world.

Use a desktop or laptop computer to learn to play backgammon online

For links to Backgammon software websites, try the link below:


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