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Welcome to everything you need on..     Backgammon


Beginner's Backgammon Rules  If you don't know how to play, then you can find the basic game rules described, here.  Find simple instructions explaining the basic game and how to play it for the complete novice to learn and get playing fast.

Backgammon History  Backgammon is an ancient game with a long and rich history.  Learn how the game has evolved over the centuries into the modern game played today.

The Doubling Cube   How to use a doubling cube when gambling or playing for points in a game of Backgammon.

Strategy  Learn the skills and tactics involved in winning at Backgammon.  How to become a better player.

Playing Procedure 
Learn the proper playing actions conventionally accepted in playing Backgammon.  How to use the doubling cube, roll the dice and move your markers properly without confrontation and arguments..

Backgammon Gambling  The game has long been a favourite gambling game for these prepared to put up cash and use their own personal skill and judgement to make money.  Learn all about gambling in a Backgammon game here, whether you play online or live.

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Backgammon Collecting  If you collect sets or accessories, you can find tips and information here.

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Game Variations You can play other games besides standard Backgammon with the board and you can learn about a range of these here. Standard Backgammon Notation The play in Backgammon games can be recorded to illustrate players' moves and you can learn about the method and conventions used here.









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