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Ready, Set, Gamble! 10 Most Popular Sports to Bet On


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No matter which country you are from, sports are universally popular. Even during ancient Rome in 753 BC, sports already existed where they called it "The Olympic Games." Whether you're watching sports live or on television at home, it is indeed one of the greatest ways to spend your leisure time.

Due to its worldwide popularity, some people like to place bets on sports, especially if it's a team sport; and believe it or not, sports betting also started during ancient Rome. They would place bets on chariot rides and gladiators. It was only during the late 19th century that the government took legal action to control sports betting.

 Now with the existence of the internet, sports betting continues to grow in popularity; but what kind of sports are people so entertained about that they would spend their money on? Here are 10 of the most well-known sports that people love to bet on.


1.    Horse Racing

Horse racing events are one of the popular sports. If you want to bet on horse racing, you can go to TopSport. The event may not look so entertaining at first glance; however, what makes the game so thrilling and energetic is the wagers and gambling behind it, rather than the action of the sport itself. Hence the reason why people enjoy horse racing events. 


2.    Football

Also called soccer in America, football is considered the most played sport worldwide. Many countries all over the world consider football as the sport to follow. Hence it's a sport that's not an exception to bets.

With millions of people watching soccer leagues, it is almost impossible to acquire an accurate figure for the global market. Still, with the viewership numbers alone, it must be A LOT.


3.    Tennis

As surprising as it may be, tennis is the third most popular sport betted on globally. It's a sport that's considered a low odds bet which means you can easily predict who will win the game by determining who has the advantage in a set. Live game betting is also a contributing factor to the popularity of tennis.


4.    Basketball

Thanks to National Basketball Association (NBA) All stars Lebron James and Stephen Curry, basketball has grown in popularity. Back in the past, American NBA players were the ones bringing up the name of basketball. Today, the international playing field has considerably improved.

With international superstars representing each of their countries in the NBA, you can be sure that there’s also a huge global interest in basketball. Some of these international players are Cameroonian Joel Embiid, Rui Hachimura from Japan, Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo of Greece, and Luka Doncic from Slovenia.

Although it's an easy sport to play, what makes it so popular in sports betting is the thrill of predicting who will win the league—if the strongest team can achieve the trophy or if an underdog will unexpectedly shine.


5.    Rugby League

Another huge sport getting a lot of attention when it comes to sports betting is rugby league. With approximately 30 countries playing the sport worldwide, 20 of those countries qualified during the 2019 World Cup, making it the biggest rugby sport event in the game's history. Hence, it is impossible for the sport not to be a part of the betting chart.


6.    Motor Sports

Motorsports, along with other automobile-related sports, is perhaps one of the few sports appreciated in the overall event. The chances of winning a bet in motorsports events are high since the bets include overall champion winners and top-three placements, thus making it popular in sports betting.


7.    Baseball

Like tennis, baseball may not look like a popular betting sport, but it is reality. One of the greatest reasons baseball is so popular is the unpredictability of which team will win. More often than not, underdog teams usually have higher winning rates than other sports, which is another reason people place their bets in baseball leagues.


8.    Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing

Any sport that involves fighting and physical combat is some of the most intensifying and exhilarating sports worldwide. It is also a popular sport, especially if well-known and experienced players like Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather compete. The betting system for both sports is also easy, making it more famous for the viewers.


9.    Golf

Golf is also a sport that is a strong contender in the popularity of sports betting. In fact, golf might even be the next big thing in the betting market, along with football and horse racing. The popularity of golf has increased when people found out that betting on the sport increases viewer engagement.


10.           ESports

Probably the fastest growing sport of the decade is eSports. Even though other virtual racing games have existed before, different virtual sports like eSports are rising in popularity and are making great revenues in the sports betting industry. Apart from the betting systems, eSports are so popular lately for the entertainment and satisfaction it offers.



Some people watch sports to pass the time, but others prefer to spice things up a bit by placing bets on their favored teams. Regardless of which type of viewer you are, you can not deny how thrilling and entertaining sports can be; and if you are planning to place your bet, be sure to take note of the abovementioned sports for higher chances of winning.







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